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Jim Crow Laws Paper - 1185 Words

About a hundred years after the Civil War, almost all American lived under the Jim Crow laws. The Jim Crow Laws actually legalized segregation. These racially enforced rules dominated almost every aspect of life, not to mention directed the punishments for any infraction. The key reason for the Jim Crow Laws was to keep African Americans as close to their former status as slaves as was possible. The following paper will show you the trials and tribulations of African Americans from the beginning through to the 1940’s where segregation was at its peak. Terrified by the changing of the Black’s status, before the Civil War had even finished, Southerners started a huge counterattack aimed at overpowering their former slaves. In 1896 their†¦show more content†¦They were made to use separate facilities such as restrooms, restaurants, and waiting rooms. Blacks were prevented from renting land outside of the towns. They were forbidden to go anywhere they wanted. They were prevented from marrying any one outside of their race. However, the Grandfather Clauses that were introduced allowed men who did not pass the literacy test to vote on if their father or grandfather had been able to vote before the reconstruction. African Americans were not allowed to vote until 1867. The Jim Crow Laws however chose to further restrict the Blacks by adding etiquette laws. Almost all of society believed that the Whites were better then the Blacks in all ways, including intelligence, being civil and having morals. It was believed by the Whites that sexual relations between races would cause a mongrel race to be born therefore in return destroying America . They thought that if they were to treat the Blacks as equals then this would encourage interracial relationships. They used violence to keep the Blacks in place and at the bottom of the racial chain. This caused several Jim Crow Laws to be set forth such as a black man could not shake hands with a white man because it meant that they were socially equal. A black man could not also extend a hand or other body part towards a White woman for the fear of being accused of raping her. Blacks and Whites were forbidden from eating together and if they did theShow MoreRelatedThe New Jim Crow Law1014 Words   |  5 PagesMass incarceration is known as a net of laws, policies, and rules that equates to the American criminal justice system. This series of principles of our legal system works as an entrance to a lifelong position of lower status, with no hope of advancement. Mass incarceration follows those who are released from prison through exclusion and legalized discrimination, hidden withi n America. The New Jim Crow is a modernized version of the original Jim Crow Laws. It is a modern racial caste system designedRead MoreAfrican Americans in Prison and the Jim Crow Laws Essay915 Words   |  4 Pagesthe United States Population but make up over 40% of the current jail and prison population. A black man is five times more likely to be convicted of a crime than a white man in the United States. How far have we really come sinse the Jim Crow laws? During the Jim Crow Era African-Americans in some states were treated as second-class citizens in every aspect of life from how they interact with White Americans to not having the right to vote. Many people would say we as a nation are far passed thoseRead MoreJim Crow Laws On The South Of The United States1557 Words   |  7 Pages Jim Crow Laws were state and local laws which enforced de jure racial segregation in the South of the United States. They represented the legitimization of anti-black racism. And it was not o nly a series of anti-black laws, but also a way of blacks’ miserable life. They mandated racial segregation in all public facilities of former Confederate State of America with a â€Å"separate but equal† status for African Americans. For this research paper, I want to focus on the origins and the content of JimRead MoreIs The Jim Crow Laws?962 Words   |  4 PagesThe topic that I chose for my research paper is the Jim Crow laws. I chose this topic because during this time period the Jim Crow laws were a huge obstacle that our country had to overcome in order to grow. The Jim Crow laws were created to separate whites and blacks in their everyday lives, allowing for no interaction between races. The Jim Crow Laws were enforced in the southern, United States. The laws existed between 1877 and the 1950’s, around the time the reconstruction period was ending andRead MoreJim Crow Essay705 Words   |  3 Pages2010 Term Paper The Strange Career of Jim Crow by Van Woodward is based on the time period surrounding the Civil Rights Movement. This book is an accurate account of events that occurred during this time. It shows how the 1896 US Supreme Court Ruling affected blacks and the obstacles they faced to overcome. This book shows how the rights of African Americans have evolved over time. Van Woodward did an excellent job illustrating the events of history with The Strange Career of Jim Crow and createdRead MoreHow Black Codes And Jim Crow Laws1605 Words   |  7 PagesCodes Led to Jim Crow Laws What I Already Knew and What I Wanted to Know For my research topic I chose â€Å"Black Codes and Jim Crow Laws.† I chose this topic because I have heard about Jim Crow Laws many times through television, books, and history classes but never in depth. I wanted to know more about the topic, along with black codes, which I have never heard about and didn’t know existed. Choosing this topic allowed me to gain more knowledge on both of these topics. Before this paper, my knowledgeRead MoreThe New Jim Crow By Michelle Alexander1313 Words   |  6 Pages The New Jim Crow Michelle Alexander’s the new Jim Crow Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness examine the Jim Crow practices post slavery and the mass incarceration of African-American. The creation of Jim Crows laws where used as a tool to promote segregation among the minority and white American. Michelle Alexander’s the new Jim Crow Mass takes a look at Jim Crow laws and policies were put into place to block the social progression African-American from the post-slavery to the civilRead More African American Social Standings Essay1748 Words   |  7 Pages This research paper will discuss the African American social standing in America throughout history. It will discuss the highs and lows and the pros and cons of the progression and also the different periods that African Americans lived through since they were brought to America.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The progression of African Americans in America began with a practice called slavery. Slavery is the state of a person who is the chattel of another. It began in 1441 when Portuguese men kidnapped 12 black AfricansRead MoreDesegregation within a Nation Essay1300 Words   |  6 PagesShe ties in fictional things and events to give you a feel of what it may have been like for people back then through her characters. There were laws in the South during the Civil Rights Movement called Jim Crow laws. These laws were created in the 1880’s and the name of the laws are believed to come from a character in a popular minstrel song. The laws were to segregate the African American race from using the same bathroom facilities, railways, streetcars, public waiting rooms and restaurants.Read MoreHistorical Report on Race Eth/125 Essay904 Words   |  4 PagesHistorical Report on Race Jim, it was great to hear from you after so many years of us not getting in touch with each other. You mentioned in your last letter that you were writing a research paper on the African American history in the United States, and you were hoping I could share some of my experiences and knowledge of my race for your paper. I would love to offer my insight to you for your research. You may be surprised to find out that the first Africans came to North America a full year

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