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The Story Of A Bedroom - 1760 Words

In a bedroom, a girl lies still on her bed. She is clothed in her pajamas and a robe as if she didn t quite finish getting ready for bed. She is rolled over on her side, her arms and legs bound with rope and her eyes staring blankly at the pink wall in front of her that is now speckled with blood. Her blood. There is a hole in the back of her head where a bullet pierced through her skull. In another room, a woman has her hands and feet bound tightly with rope. She is also dressed in her pajamas, but she has adhesive tape wrapped around her mouth. Her dead eyes look horrified as if they are staring at the killer who took her life away. She has a bullet wound on the side of her head. In the basement, a boy is found lying on a couch. He is gagged and bound like the woman upstairs. His head is propped up by pillows and a ghastly hole decorates the middle of his forehead where a bullet embedded itself in his skull. In the furnace room, a man is found lying on top of a mattress box. He is bound and gagged like two of the previous victims. However, his is the most gruesome murder--the most macabre murder. He did have a gunshot wound on the front of his head, but he was probably already dead (or at least dying) when that deadly injury was inflicted. That is because his throat was slit. These four cold-blooded murders are the reason Truman Capote wrote the book, In Cold Blood. The Clutters were the perfect, nuclear family. The family consisted of Herbert (the father), Bonnie (theShow MoreRelatedShort Story : A Master Bedroom830 Words   |  4 PagesHOUSE – MASTER BEDROOM - DAY Carolyn RUNS upstairs into the master bedroom on the verge of tears. She FALLS onto the bed with her head in her hands and sobs. INT. BURNHAM HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - DAY Lester is still in the living room. He FALLS back onto the couch with a *sigh* and stares off into space. INTERCUT BETWEEN LESTER AND CAROLYN Carolyn sits up on the edge of the bed and wipes away the tears, smudging her mascara. Looking up, she gazes around the perfectly furnished bedroom dressed in glaringRead MoreHome Is Right For A New Home751 Words   |  4 Pagesin the same city, there are many things to consider. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the neighborhood, the square footage, and many other factors need to be considered. For many people, one issue is whether a two-story or a one-story home is right for them. While neither plan is perfect for every family, there are advantages and disadvantages to either option. Two-Story Homes One of the greatest advantages to a two-story home is that you can fit a larger home on a smaller lot. This allowsRead MoreGreen Stones901 Words   |  4 Pages1 How childhood experiences make the protagonist evolve in Doreen Baingana s short story â€Å"Green Stones†. The short story subject to study is â€Å"Green Stones†written by Doreen Baingana, an Ugandan writer. â€Å"Green Stones† relates the story of a whole Ugandan family seen through the eyes of the youngest member of the family, Christine. Baingana portrays through the protagonist how perspectives change as people evolve and grow up. â€Å"Green Stones† is related in first person, and as said beforeRead MoreAnalysis Of The Movie The Bedroom With Fill The Gaps Dubus 1303 Words   |  6 PagesRichard Fowler (Dubus 1123-1136). Years later, in 2001, director Todd Field produces the film adaptation In the Bedroom to fill the gaps Dubus’s short story cannot; while the story focuses more on the killings themselves, Field allows views to understand the emotional turmoil that pushes characters to the edge, ultimately explaining the journey of how the killings come to be (In the Bedroom). Although Dubus wrote â€Å"Killings,† where readers are deaf to the noise between the lines, the cinematographerRead MoreA Rose For Emily By William Faulkner960 Words   |  4 Pagesletting go of people she holds dear to her. We learn that in her basement we have a very raunchy smell. The neighbors try to mask the smell by squirting lime juice, but little do they know it’s the body of her father. At the end of the story we are left in her bedroom with the rotting body of her once lover in her bed. Where there is a strange finding on the pillow beside him. In â€Å"The Storm,† we are introduced to Calixta, who is at home alone, doing her wifely duties when an unexpected storm and aRead MoreThe Yellow Wallpaper719 Words   |  3 PagesPerkins Gilman is a story written from a first-person perspective about a young womans mental deterioration during the 1800s and the adverse affects of the restriction place on her. The setting of the story is a colonial mansion in the country rented for the summer by the narrators husband while she is treated for her nervous condition. As the story progresses and the narrator describes her surroundings the setting focuses from the mansion and surrounding gardens to a bedroom in the mansion andRead MoreNew York City Of New Jersey849 Words   |  4 Pageswindow is a bedroom opposite to it. The red window bedroom is located on the home’s second story. Entering the home, the first level is an open floor plan joining the living room and kitchen together. The left side of the living room has a staircase leading to the second level. The second floor is a L-shaped hallway consisting of four different doors. Behind the first door is a bathroom and the other three are doors to bedrooms. The last door in the hallway is the door to the red window bedroom. The doorRead MoreAnalysis Of Edgar Allen Poe s Tell Tale Heart895 Words   |  4 Pages and plans a story as evidence. In this story, the primary condition is the narrator s decision to kill the old man so that the man s eye will stop looking at the narrator. The eye, the watch, and bedroom are examples of symbolism and imagery that add to the narrator’s evidence in order to prove he is not insane, which unfortunately they make the reader to believe he is insane. The narrator is a wreck; he’s nervous, paranoid, and physically and mentally ill. Throughout the story we are shownRead MoreThe Story Of An Hour Symbolism Essay1089 Words   |  5 Pages The Story of an Hour, by Kate Chopin, is a wonderful short story filled with many different peculiar twists and turns. Written in 1894, the author tells a tale of a woman who learns of her husband’s death, but comes to find joy in it. Many of the things Kate Chopin writes about in this story symbolize something more than just the surface meaning. Through this short story, told in less than one thousand one hundred words, Kate Chopin illustrates deeper meanings through many different forms of symbolismRead MoreEdgar Allan Poe s The Tell Tale Heart888 Words   |  4 PagesTell-Tale Heart it s shown when Poe incorporates dark elements of literacy through the guilt of a murder. Which became forced out by the hypothetical beating of a heart. Within the story, a sense of dreadful nervousness or sadness is portrayed by the way the narrator is seen within our minds as the story proceeds. As the story goes on we see the diseases that plague his body and mind. He portrays a constant state of nervousness, with an almost constant state of stress, as well as occasional meltdowns

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